Friday, 11 May 2012

May tips

The Vegetable Plot in May

Sow sprouts and other brassicas, leeks, carrots, turnips & salads in succession, a few salads at a time. Herbs can be sown but are better in a little heat. Be sure that potatoes in containers have sufficient water!! Pinch out tops of broad beans to ‘beat the blackfly’. Plant out or sow both runner & French beans. Tie a courgette up a support with soft ties - keeps them clean & away from slugs. You could try this with
ridge cucumbers.

The Greenhouse in May

They tend to overheat so apply some shade. It helps if you can slide a glass pane, opposite the door, down a little to create a through flow of air. Also damp down the floor to keep a buoyant atmosphere. Set yellow traps for whitefly - they should hang just above the plants.

The Flower Garden in May

Keep the hoe going, new plants are best left in pots until the rains have been with us. Mow the lawn, not too short, & spike it. Brush in some sharp sand to provide aeration & access for water. Do not provide weed & feed until you have good growth.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Front garden competition

If you would like to enter this popular competition, please let Jayne know by the end of June. Contact via email, or via the Community Centre (see our main website for details)

Plant Sale - 12th May

Don't forget our plant sale on Saturday 12th May! If you have any plants we could sell, please label them clearly and bring them down to the Community Centre from 8.30am on the day. Plants need to be good quality and not too small!

Outings for 2012

There are still places left on many of our outings - please give Julie a call for more details. 01273 596707