Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Peter's Gardening Notes

The vegetable plot in August
A good month for cropping! All good things come in return for your hard work. Prune out spent raspberry canes, tie in new growth on loganberries and blackberries. Lift out any plants showing 'nasties', as they might spread. Wage war on cabbage white caterpillars. Make sowings of spring cabbage, Chinese cabbage and spinach.
The greenhouse in August
Ventilation is important by day and night. During the day, ensure that you damp down the floor and if possible apply a fine spray at mid-day. Where tomatoes are grown, give the plants a little shake at mid-day to move pollen around. Watch for pests and diseases; weed free borders deprive pests of a home! This is a good month for cuttings - take a few extra in case of failures. Any surplus, you can pass on to others!
The flower garden in August
Seedlings will be appearing from now on in beds, borders and containers - pot some up or transfer to a nursery bed. Some plants lend themselves to layering; easy examples are pansies. Peg them down at a leaf joint to root down. A selection of perennials can be sown now - too many to quote, but have a look at some seed catalogues on a rainy day.